Who we are

At LundKenner we go beyond the classic venture approach.

We do not believe in money as the sole purpose for success, but foremost the spirit of entrepreneurship and a vision for building great companies.

Our experience is built on the basis of a series of successes and failures as entrepreneurs themselves, and having experienced the many difficulties that start-up companies are subjected to. They believe in the power of people, ideas, and experiences as the greatest asset for any company, independent of size. We are fully committed to our ideals for each company in our portfolio. LundKenner works on breaking down barriers throughout the world to create endless opportunities for entrepreneurs, to take the next step and go further in the development for personal achievement and happiness.

All LundKenner partners have the tremendous entrepreneur fire inside to never stop running, never let their entrepreneurs down, always perform to the limit but also making sure that everyone involved enjoys the ride, whatever the outcome may be. They look forward to hear your thoughts and views of the next idea that will create a market shift, break down barriers or take another step in the evolution of their time.